Wednesday, 16 September 2015

IXO Fall 2015 Orientation

IXO held a full-day orientation session for the Fall 2015 incoming study abroad students on Saturday, August 29. Students were informed about AUS policies, facilities and the UAE culture.

Fall 2015 incoming study abroad students at IXO

Welcome Session Fall 2015

IXO participated in the welcome session for new AUS students and their parents held during the Fall 2015 orientation. New Peer Advisor Ritika Rajan joined Pallavi Bichu in staffing IXO’s booth, ready and prepared to answer questions about study abroad opportunities at AUS.

Ritika Rajan and Pallavi Bichu (left to right) at the
Fall 2015 welcome session.

Delegations from University of South Carolina & Brigham Young University

On the September 4, AUS received three delegates through the Office of International Exchange Programs to the School of Business Administration.

The delegation included Dr. Mike Shealy, (Director of the Center for International Business Education and Research) and Dr. Rob Rolfe (Professor of International Business) from the Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina (USC), USA.

From Brigham Young University (BYU), USA, was Dr. Jonathan Wood, Managing Director of the Global Management Center at BYU.

AUS School of Business Administration Dean, Dr.
Robert Grosse (second from left) welcomes (left
to right) Dr. Robert Rolfe, Dr. Jonathan Wood and
Dr. Mike Shealy.
Another upcoming visit this January is planned, whereby 20 to 24 faculty members, 17 of which represent univiersities in the Center for International Business Education and Research, will visit AUS. This upcoming visit will include a lecture on Islamic finance, a meet and greet with SBA faculty, and a tour of Sharjah, including a visit to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization.

Tuition Exchange Program

The American University of Sharjah is sending two new students from the AUS community to study abroad in the USA through the Tuition Exchange Program, a program administered by the Office of International Exchange Programs.

Jasmina Jamaleldin Abdalla, daughter of Dr. Jamaleldin Abdalla, Department of Civil Engineering, is a freshman at th George Washington University, USA.

Yousr Dhaouadi, daughter of Dr. Rached Dhaouadi, Department of Electrical Engineering, will be studying at Syracuse University, USA, as a transfer student from AUS.

IXO wishes these students all the very best with their studies. For more information about AUS’s Tuition Exchange Program, please contact Dr. Linda Angell, ext. 4008,

Fall 2015 Incoming Study Abroad Students

As we start this semester, we hope you will join IXO in welcoming the Fall 2015 incoming study abroad students to AUS. IXO has received a total of 45 students this semester, from many countries including the US, UK, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Bolivia, Brazil and Japan.

Fall 2015 incoming study abroad students and IXO

Graduate Scholarship at Oxford

The Mica and Ahmet Ertegun Graduate Scholarships in the Humanities offer a great opportunity for AUS seniors contemplating graduate study at Oxford  University, UK.

Benefits of this program:
• payment of all tuition and college fees
• generous living stipend
• exclusive use of Ertegun House for the Study of the Humanities

At least 10 scholarships will be available in 2016, for either one- or two-year fulltime master’s degrees, or three-year fulltime doctoral study. For additional information, visit: To apply, visit:

Study Abroad Fall 2016

Applications are now open for AUS students who want to study abroad in the Fall 2016 semester.
The deadline for all applications is December 5, 2015.  

Visit the Office of International Exchange Programs (MG43) to talk to a Peer Advisor about your options. To apply, and or for more information, visit or contact us at

Fall 2015 at AUS

The Office of International Exchange Programs (IXO) wishes the entire AUS community a warm welcome back. We also welcome all new students to their first semester here at AUS and wish
them a successful Fall 2015 semester! 

As Dr. Linda Angell, the Director of IXO, mentioned to you during orientation last week, we encourage you all to come  and talk to our Peer Advisors in the first semester of your sophomore year so that we can begin to plan your study abroad