Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Study Abroad Fair Spring 2016

IXO held a study abroad fair in the Chemistry Building March 20-22 to promote interest in and information about study abroad opportunities around the world.

IXO Peer Advisors Ilda Soares and Sirine Dhaouadi (left to right)

IXO Goes to Art Dubai

IXO recently took its students to one of Dubai’s leading international art events, Art Dubai. Art Dubai is held every March in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

Students viewed the different artworks displayed in both contemporary and modern galleries. They also visited the Global Art Forum, which is an interactive design conference that discusses a specific topic assigned for each year. In addition to the art and installations, IXO students enjoyed live performances, such as wind-up toy dances, and short after-hours experimental movie screenings.

Incoming Spring 2016 Study Abroad Student Nabeelah Muhammad at Art Dubai Fair

Global Day Spring 2016

Many IXO students participated in Global Day Spring 2016 activities. Students enjoyed festivities in the various cultural pavillions.

Some students also took part in the performances in various clubs, including the Nigerian Cultural Club and the Palestinian Cultural Club. IXO students really enjoyed this year’s Global Day and had an interactive cultural experience.

Incoming Spring 2016 Study Abroad students Azia, Asya and Samar (left to right)

North Dakota State University

IXO recently hosted another visiting delegation from North Dakota State University (NDSU). NDSU travels annually with a group of students to the Middle East, as a part of their spring break.This trip allowed students from NDSU to experience and explore AUS, and Sharjah, before studying abroad in the future.

North Dakota State University visits AUS

University of Strathclyde

AUS was recently visited by representatives from the University of Strathclyde, UK, who wanted to learn more about the engineering and architecture programs at AUS. They are also interested in the possibility of developing a partnership with AUS to engage in international student exchange and research collaborations.

University of Strathclyde visits AUS

IXO Interns at the US Consulate

IXO Fall 2015 Study Abroad students Ryland Ploeger and Cyprian Christian are currently interning at the Department of US and Foreign Commercial Service, in the US Consulate, here in the UAE. Both Ploeger and Christian started their internships in February 2016 and will complete their internships at the end of this spring semester.

Ryland Ploeger, political science and international relations major
“My internship experience has been excellent. During this internship, we spend most of our time meeting with successful US companies in Dubai and helping smaller US-based companies enter UAE markets. I’ve connected with dozens of Dubai-based professionals across various industries. Apart from connections, this internship has taught me a lot about how to do business outside of the structured, rigid US framework. The professionals I’ve met have taught me that there’s a huge difference between US business and UAE business,” said Ploeger.

Cyprian Christian, economics and Arabic studies major
“The position with the Foreign Commercial Service exceeded my initial expectations and I accredit such a wonderful experience to the cooperation of my managers and teamwork of my colleagues. I have not only learned how business is done in the UAE and how it differs from the US, but I was made aware of all the similarities that exist between the two countries. I became comfortable with ambiguity in a setting that requires me to work with people of diverse backgrounds. I am very pleased with the internship experience. Times where I was challenged by not only my managers, but my colleagues and clients as well, provided me with the skills of adversity and adaptability that are needed in the workforce regardless of my future job. I now feel more confident that I am on the right path towards my career aspirations,” said Christian.

New Bilateral Partner Universities!

IXO has recently signed new partner agreements with the University of Texas, Austin, and Boston College.

• Engineering students can now apply to study abroad at the University of Texas, Austin.
• Business and CAS students can now apply to study abroad at Boston College, Massachusetts.

Apply now to study abroad for Spring 2017!

Summer Study Abroad Requirements

Listed below are some of the requirements to study abroad in summer.

• Host universities need to be approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE)
• Prior to registering for courses at the host university, students must complete the course permission form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. The following information must be attached to the form:
     1. The contact hours and duration of the summer term at the host university
     2. The catalog or course description of courses to be taken at the host university
• SBA courses will only be transferred from AACSB or EQUIS accredited programs.
• CEN courses will only be transferred from ABET or Washington Accord accredited programs.
• The student must be in good academic standing.
• Summer courses at the host university must not be taken as attempts to repeat AUS courses in which D or F grades were previously earned.
• The language of instruction of the course(s) taken at the host university must be English, except for foreign language courses.
• Students may normally transfer no more than 6 credit hours for a six-week summer term.
• Contact hours of course(s) taken at the host university must be equal to or greater than the 45 contact hours.

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