Sunday, 16 November 2014

IXO Extends Thanks

We extend our thanks to Dr. Angie Maitner, Department of International Studies, for donating travel guides to the IXO reference library.

We also thank former AUS employees Dr. Terri Storsteth and Simeon Fields, who donated many books to the IXO library when they moved to Cambodia.

We are happy to accept book donations and we particularly welcome old travel guides. In return we are happy to share our collection of travel guides with the whole AUS community. Feel free to stop by the IXO Lounge and browse through.

Cultural Hospitality

Maha AlShehhi, an Emirati majoring in electrical engineering at AUS, has provided a wonderful opportunity for the Fall 2014 Exchange Students.

Maha said she feels that it is her utmost responsibility as an Emirati, to show foreigners the rich UAE culture. 

She’s invited exchange students to join her family, every week, during their weekly family gathering to witness first hand the Emirati culture and have a chance to take part in their traditions.

Congratulations to former Exchange Student Elisa Frost!

Elisa Frost, an exchange student from American University, Washington, DC,  USA, who studied abroad at AUS during Fall 2013, was second runner-up in the Student Research Award in Middle Eastern Studies for her essay entitled U.S. Support of Egyptian Development and Family Planning: 1954-1988. IXO congratulates Elisa and wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.

Elisa Frost at the Dubai Color Run, 2013 (second
from the left)

What is Veiling? by Sahar Amer

Dr. Sahar Amer, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia addressed one of the most visible, controversial and least understood emblems of Islam in her book What is Veiling? Her presentation was followed by a book signing at Blends & Brews.

Linda Angell, Huda Amer, Sahar Amer, Guzin
Osman and Helen O’Byrne (left to right)

Travelogue Series: IRAN

IXO recently had a very successful travelogue session on Iran. Chris Horger, Department of Writing Studies, talked about the many cultural aspects of Iran and its beauty. The session drew more than 30 attendees including faculty, staff, students and residents from the AUS community!

Students, staff and faculty at Travelogue Series:
Iran, IXO Lounge

International Internship Seminar by Tanya Gibbs

IXO hosted an International Internship Seminar by Tanya Gibbs, Internship Coordinator at the School of Business Administration, which explained the steps that students should take if they want to apply for an internship abroad.

Pre-departure Get-together for Spring 2015 Outgoing Students

IXO recently had a pre-departure get-together for the Spring 2015 outgoing students.

Spring 2015 Outgoing Students and Fall 2015
Exchange Students
Ritika Rajan (first from the left), a marketing major, is going to the University of Iowa, USA.

Pallavi Bichu (second from the left), majoring in economics, is headed to University of North Caroline at Asheville, USA.

Tartela Alkayyali (first from the right), a chemical engineering major, is going to Louisiana State University, USA.

IXO wishes them a exciting semester abroad!

Froilan T. Malit Jr.

For the Fall 2014 Semester, AUS is hosting visiting scholar Froilan T. Malit Jr., who obtained his master’s degree from Oxford University, UK, and is looking to complete his PhD in politics at Oxford University as well.

Froilan T. Malit Jr.
“After graduating from Oxford University in 2012, I immediately chose to focus on the GCC region because of its unique demographic structure and governance challenges in managing its temporary labor program. The diverse migrant communities, along with its strong intent to improve the lives of migrant workers, have inspired me to further explore my research on labor migration issues in this region,” said Malir. 

His research specializes in labor migration governance issues, particularly on the role of state in managing temporary labor programs and remittance flows. 

He aims to publish his first book, which investigates the effects of deskilling on Sub-Saharan African labor migrants in the UAE/GCC region. He has also been published by various think-tank organizations, including Migration Policy Institute, Al Monitor, and Oxford Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies.

Study Abroad Semester at University of Vermont!

Solmaz Karimi, an AUS student majoring in biology, studied abroad at the University of Vermont, USA, during the Spring 2014 semester.

Solmaz Karimi (first from the left) and other
students at the University of Vermont

Why do you think it’s important to study abroad?
It is important to study abroad to gain a fresh perspective on life, by meeting different people, clearing your  head of stereotypes and accepting views that are different from yours. It also teaches you how to make it on your own, be independent and deal with obstacles in your way.

How did you come to the decision to study abroad?
I chose University of Vermont because it is in Burlington, a small city that is complemented by Lake Champlain. I knew I wanted to study on the East Coast because the states are smaller and that makes traveling between them easier. I loved the research laboratories and facilities at the university. Their student body was very diverse and they had a really friendly Office of International Exchange.

10 Scholarships for Arab Students to Study Abroad

A great opportunity has presented itself for Arab students who are interested in studying abroad.

BarakaBits is advertising 10 scholarships, offered only to Arab students who wish to spend a semester abroad.

Some of these scholarships include undergraduate studies in the US for Palestinian students, merit-based scholarships for Egyptian students, and many more!

For more information and to view all scholarships, please visit

Summer Intensive Arabic Language Program (SIALP)

SIALP at AUS is a six-week, six-credit course aimed at developing Arabic language skills through formal classroom instruction and daily conversation practice with a native speaker. The program is offered by the Department of Arabic and Translation Studies, in coordination with IXO, and includes housing as well as weekend excursions to Dubai.

All elementary and intermediate level Arabic students with a cumulative GPA higher than 2.5 are encouraged to apply. With the exception of complete beginners, online placement tests will be administered upon acceptance into the program. Follow-up Skype interviews may also be needed.

Course Titles
Intensive Elementary Arabic I
Intensive Elementary Arabic II
Intensive Intermediate Arabic

Timeline for 2015
Deadline to Apply: March 7
Online Placement: April 26 to 31

Program Fee
The cost for the program is US $6,960 including instruction, housing, fees and excursions.

To apply, or for more information, visit