Monday, 16 May 2016

Farewell Spring 2016 Students

Spring 2016 was a fun semester for us all. We hate to see our Incoming Spring 2016 students go, but we wish them all the best re-settling back at their home universities.

IXO and Incoming Spring 2016 students 

Al Marmoun Camel Race

IXO also hosted a visit to the Al Marmoun Camel Race in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Camel racing has been integral to Emirati life for centuries. 

IXO and Incoming Spring 2016 students at Al Marmoun Camel Race, Abu Dhabi, UAE 

Musandam, Oman Trip

Incoming Spring 2016 study abroad students visited Musandam, Oman, enjoying a full day in the sun. The cruise included lunch, banana boating, and snorkelling in addition to cruising the coastline of the Northern Arabian Peninsula. 

IXO Spring 2016 students Majdal Ismail and Miwa Yamanaka (Left to Right) 

CIEE Bahrain Trip

CIEE hosted a two-day trip to Manama, Bahrain, for its Spring 2016 study abroad students. They explored the city’s main attractions, such as Downtown, the Old Historic Centre, Amwaj Lagoon, and Al Fateh Mosque. They also visited the Tree of Life, a full-grown tree living in a barren desert.

CIEE Incoming Spring 2016 students at the Tree of Life, Manama, Bahrain 

Congratulations Miwa

Congratulations to Miwa Yamanaka, Fall-Spring 2016 incoming student, for winning the Modeling Award for the Japan Club’s recent Abaya Fashion contest. 

IXO Student Miwa Yamanaka (Left) 

Successful Internship

IXO student Samar Ahmed from the University of Southern Maine, USA, staffed the University Hospital Sharjah, Infectious Control Department’s table
at the Sustainability Fair held at AUS. Ahmed studied abroad at AUS in Fall
2015, and remained in the UAE for Spring 2016 to do a full-time internship with the hospital.

“The internship gave me the opportunity to work in my field of study,” Ahmed said. “I have learned the value of hard work and become more professional in my field. This experience is helping me reach my goals. As I get closer to the end of my internship, I cannot wait to hear myself say, “‘Yes, I did it!’” 

Kristine Gabasan, Infection Control Coordinator; Samar Ahmed; and Lota Kebancos, Nursing Supervisor (Left to Right) 

Little Shop of Horrors

One of IXO’s incoming Spring 2016 students, Katerina Hall, played the role of Crystal, one of the doo-wop girls, in Little Shop of Horrors directed by Anthony Tassa, Professor and Coordinator of the university’s Performing Arts Program. The show ran April 12-15 and April 17- 20, and played to a full house each night. Congratulations to the professors and students who put on this successful show. 

IXO Student Katerina Hall as Crystal (Left) 

Radio 360

Izaac Cole, an AY2015-2016 student from University of Central Lancashire in the UK, worked with other AUS students to launch a Radio360 broadcasting initiative at AUS. This new radio station is influenced by BBC Radio, and the intent of the station is to focus on relevant world events, rather than music programming. 

Major-Specific Advising Brochures

IXO introduces major-specific advising brochures. Pick one up at your major department or stop by the IXO office! 

Welcome Reem

IXO has a new team member, Reem Al Shihabi. She is a multimedia design student in the College of Architecture, Art and Design, and will manage IXO publicity materials. Welcome to IXO, Reem! 

Suzy Returns

IXO Fall 2014 alumni Suzy Sikorski recently visited IXO. She returned to the UAE to participate in the Art Dubai Fair. 
IXO Advisor Osama Mafraji and Suzy Sikorski 

CIC-Tuition Exchange Program Awards

The following two exchange dependents have won full tuition scholarships to pursue their undergraduate degrees at US-based universities starting in Fall 2016:

  • Nadeem Ayman Rateb Abuhijleh will attend Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, USA
  • Josephine Dougan will attend Lesley University in Boston, MA, USA
Tuition Exchange Applications for the next academic year will be opened soon. We can accept applications for:

  • One Tuition Exchange Inc. Scholarship, with an application deadline of November 19, 2016
  • Unlimited CIC-Tuition Exchange Scholarships, with an application deadline of January 14, 2017 

Recent Visitors

AUS was visited by representatives from the University of Colorado, Denver, and the ESC Rennes Business School. Both universities are interested in the possibility of hosting AUS students to study abroad at their university. 

Delegates from the University of Colorado, Denver 

Linda Angell and Joakim Sinniamourd, ESC Rennes 

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Fulbright Scholarship

Jodi Sanger-Weaver, the Fulbright Scholarship Manager from AMIDEAST, UAE, and Reem Deeb, AUS Sustainability Administrator and prior Fulbright Scholar, conducted a presentation at AUS in mid April. The prestigious Fulbright Scholarship program in the UAE enables Emirati students to study abroad at US universities, typically for a year of more. 

Jodi Sanger-Weaver, AMIDEAST UAE, and Reem Deeb, AUS Sustainability (Left to Right) 

New Bilateral Partners

AUS has recently signed new exchange agreements, as follows:
  • Boston College: specific to SBA and CAS majors
  • University of Texas at Austin: specific to CEN majors

Apply now to study abroad at these universities! 

For more information, visit