Sunday, 16 November 2014

Froilan T. Malit Jr.

For the Fall 2014 Semester, AUS is hosting visiting scholar Froilan T. Malit Jr., who obtained his master’s degree from Oxford University, UK, and is looking to complete his PhD in politics at Oxford University as well.

Froilan T. Malit Jr.
“After graduating from Oxford University in 2012, I immediately chose to focus on the GCC region because of its unique demographic structure and governance challenges in managing its temporary labor program. The diverse migrant communities, along with its strong intent to improve the lives of migrant workers, have inspired me to further explore my research on labor migration issues in this region,” said Malir. 

His research specializes in labor migration governance issues, particularly on the role of state in managing temporary labor programs and remittance flows. 

He aims to publish his first book, which investigates the effects of deskilling on Sub-Saharan African labor migrants in the UAE/GCC region. He has also been published by various think-tank organizations, including Migration Policy Institute, Al Monitor, and Oxford Gulf and Arabian Peninsula Studies.

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