Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Boston College Partnership

As a part of the exchange program, we are partnered with Boston College and we currently have our first student studying abroad through this partnership. His name is Ammar Alnimr and he is attending Boston College in Massachusetts, USA, for Spring 2017.

Ammar said that he has had a very warm welcome and that he is particularly enjoying experiencing a different culture. “Boston College is a Jesuit school and it respects all ethnicities and religions. It welcomes diversity and promotes its students to be open to change and success,” he said.

Ammar said he participates in the Arab Student Association and the Muslim Student Association, goes to the nearby mosque regulary and also participates in Arab cultural activities. 

He said he has deep respect for the people of Boston, as they are peaceful, educated, goal-focused, success-oriented and interested in contributing to their society.

There are several facilities at the historic college, such as a meal plan, a recreational complex with a gym and pool, and libraries. The campus is in the suburban part of the city and is very close to downtown. He has also travelled to New York, Florida and the Bahamas. He estimates that the cost for dorms, the meal plan and insurance would be around  US $9,000.

He said that this experience has been uplifting in many ways and recommends that AUS students go to Boston College.

We are glad that Ammar embarked on this journey and we look forward to welcoming him back soon!

 Ammar Alnimr at Boston College

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