Thursday, 19 April 2018

Week Summary

This week has been a whirlwind of outings and visitors!  In addition, we have been welcoming new IXO Team members, in anticipation of having to farewell a number of beloved colleagues at the end of this semester!
The week began with a trip to Oman for the group of CIEE students. They had a great time swimming and hiking! Then IXO participated in the AUS Exploration Day, welcoming potential new students and their parents, and demonstrating the many benefits of study abroad.  

On Tuesday, we hosted a delegation of 14 faculty from the American Chemical Society, touring them around our beautiful campus and facilities. And today we hosted delegates from the University of North Georgia, an ISEP exchange partner.

In addition to all of these activities, we added a couple of new members to our IXO family, i.e. Ms. Nadeen AbdulMajeed and MsSara Omar, both Mass Comm students who will serve as Publicity Specialists, managing our monthly newsletter, and updating and developing our promotional materials. Our long-term team members, Shaza, Leontia, and Tasnim will be graduating at the end of this semester, and another team member, Mariam, will departing for her international exchange this Fall at Louisiana State University via ISEP Exchange.  Our API Regional Director, Ms. Hong Ho, will also be departing the Team at the end of this semester, as she is moving with her family to Ottawa in Canada.  Our long-term IXO Volunteer, Ms. Rose Armour, will be taking her place.  We welcome Nadeen and Sara to the Team, but at the same time we dread saying farewell to Shaza, Leontia, Tasnim, Mariam, and Hong!

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