Sunday, 7 August 2016

In Their Own Words

One of our favorite jobs in IXO is welcoming back AUS students who recently studied abroad. Some of the students who studied abroad in Spring 2016 visited the IXO office recently and discussed their experiences with advisors. To view these video interviews, visit our IXO Facebook page: https://www.facebook. com/IXOatAUS.

Mohammad Saleh, Spring 2016 study abroad 
student, and Osama Mafraji, IXO Advisor (Left to Right) 

Osama Mafraji, IXO Advisor, and Dinete Kollanur, Spring 2016 
study abroad student (Left to Right) 

Anusha Grewal, an international relations major with a photography minor, studied through a program called Study at Sea. Grewal said, “I spent the semester on a ship, travelling around the world, and earning credit at the University of Virginia. We visited 11 different countries across Asia and Africa.” When asked about her expectations and experiences, she replied, “This was such a unique program. I had no idea what to expect in terms of the academic work and lifestyle. I don’t think you can prepare yourself to study at sea by reading about it or hearing other people’s experiences. It is definitely something you need to experience on your own in order to understand how it works.” Grewal advised, “I think it is important to study abroad, because it really expands a person’s horizons. My experience taught me how to be independent and confident. It helped me to understand the countries and the different cultures a whole lot better, and through this I began to understand myself a whole lot better.” 

Anusha Grewal and peers aboard the ship (Left to Right) 

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