Sunday, 12 February 2017

Blast from the Past

IXO was visited recently by Julia McConnell, an incoming Fall 2015 student who studied abroad at AUS via our bilateral partnership with Louisiana State University. McConnell returned to the UAE to spend the holiday and New Year with her friends in the region. She is now engaged to Ahmad Al-Zuhairy, an AUS student she met during her semester abroad. We wish McConnell and Al-Zuhairy the best and happiness in their future endeavors.

                                                    Left to Right: Grace Morales (Advisor, IXO
                                                program), Julia McConnell and Ahmad Al-Zuhairy

Other recent visitors to IXO were exchange students Mikaela Boston, Lisa Sun and Ruthie Edd. Boston was an incoming student from the University of Minnesota, and studied abroad at AUS during Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, as did Edd who joined AUS from Fort Lewis College in Colorado. Sun was an incoming Spring 2015 student from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. The three IXO alumni recently travelled to Pakistan to attend a wedding, then spent time in the UAE. They even joined our IXO Day Out in Dubai on January 25 as part of our IXOrientation. The IXO team enjoys receiving visits from past students like this!

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