Sunday, 12 February 2017

Welcome Back, and Happy New Year!

Welcome back to all members of the AUS community. We hope you had a Happy New Year and an enjoyable winter break, and wish you all the best for the Spring 2017 semester. As we welcome our new incoming students, we would also like to bid farewell to those AUS students departing to study abroad in Spring 2017. We look forward to hearing about their adventures upon their return at the end of the semester!

 Left to Right: Grace Morales (Advisor, IXO program),  
Rawan Afana (Peer Advisor), Mutaman Tariq 
(Peer Advisor) and Tariq AlSayed (Peer Advisor)
One of our favorite jobs in IXO is welcoming back AUS students who recently studied abroad. Some of the students who studied abroad in Fall 2016 visited the IXO office recently and discussed their experiences with advisors. To view these video interviews, visit our IXO Facebook page:

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